Biogas, natural gas, hydrogen, vehicle gas and LPG are gas used in the energy sector. These gases are clean and efficient. They reduce climate emissions, improve air quality and are good alternatives to oil-based products for both the industry and in the transport sector. The gases are a natural part of the sustainable society and contribute to efficient energy utilization, more jobs and a cleaner environment.

Promoting greater use of gas

The Swedish Gas Association is a member-funded, industry association dedicated to promoting a greater use of gas energy. We work towards a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient utilization of gas and acts as a voice for all gases where safety, technical matters, marketing and advocacy are key elements.

Green Gas 2050 – our vision

Altogether, these five gases today represent four percent of the Swedish energy supply. We believe that by increasing their use, a number of political objectives in the field of reducing climate and environmental emissions could be reached. Therefore, the association and its members have set up an ambitious long term vision “Green Gas 2050”. The vision describes how Sweden can reach a carbon neutral industrial with gas, fossil-free road transport and heat and electricity sector with gas as well as a cleaner maritime sector with gas.

Prioritized areas

  • Increase knowledge and acceptance concerning the potential of the gases in the energy sector.
  • Increase awareness of the growth conditions of the gases and the need of political guidelines, goals and strategies.
  • Develop guidelines, industry standards and authorization in the whole gas field.
  • Offer professional courses towards a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient use of gases.

Biogas - from refuse to energy

The report gives a good description of the production process from waste to biogas and how this helps to reduce the refuse mountain and securing energy supplies without impact on the environment, and how Sweden as a world leader, distilling biogas for use in vehicles. The report also gives a brief overview of how biogas is developing around the world. The report has been developed in co-operation between International Gas Union (IGU) and Swedish Gas Association.

Biogas - from refuse to energy (pdf 6,3 MB)

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Circular economy

The film describes how biogas closes the cycle and creates a circular economy where waste and residual resources become valuable resources, such as climate friendly biogas, biomethane and biofertilizer.